Madsbag USB Powered Compact Portable Rechargeable Electronic Flameless Cigarette Lighter With LED

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  • Sleek Design
  • Flameless
  • Electronic Lighter
  • Safe To Use
  • Multi-use Functionality

The USB powered Electronic Flameless Lighter with LED light has an elegant finishing, multi-usage functionality and a sleek design, which certainly makes it a delight to carry around. The lighter is extremely safe to use as it's flameless and nullifies any chances of accidentally catching fire.

Specifications :

Charge Mode - USB Cable.

Material - Plastic.

Charge Voltage : 3.7 V - 5 V.

Battery Capacity - 300 mA.

Charge Time : 3 - 4 Hour.s

No. of lighting cycle - 100.

Battery Life - 350 Plus Charge Cycles.

Weight - 30g.

Sleek design, fits easy in pocket.



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