Madsbag Multi-Color Sensory Hit Moles Playmat Game Fun Activity Mat For Kids Baby Children

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  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Interactive & Engaging Game
  • Automatic Power Off System. Energy Saving Efficiency
  • Helps improve learning ability
  • Develops sensory ability

The Sensory Hit Moles Playmat is a perfect fun game that also helps grow your kid's learning ability. As the moles light up, use the plastic hammer to hit it and score points, which then gets recorded on the LCD Display. The playmat game helps kid improve their hand-eye coordination and thereby develop their sensory ability. The game is remodeled on the classic "whack a mole" game. So, Hit On and Enjoy!!Gift the Hit Moles Playmat to kids for special occasions like birthdays, parties and watch their faces glow with joy. The playmat not just entertains, but also helps in improving your kid's hand-eye coordination. Plus, it's a great interactive way to keep the competitive spirit alive and kicking. How To Play : First install 3 AA batteries. There are 7 moles on the playmat, each having a light on its nose. Use the hammer to hit the moles when the light is ON. The LCD screen will display the scores and there will be a corresponding sound to confirm the hit. There are 3 levels to play through. The playmat will automatically turn OFF if no button is pressed within 2 minutes. Note - Not for kids under the age of 3 years. Don't wash or use sharp items.


7 Blinking Lights. Touch-Sensitive Playmat. LCD Display.

Accessories Included - Hit Moles Playmat & A Hammer.

Age group: 3 +.

Color: Multi-color.

Battery Operated.

Battery Type: 3 * 1.5 V AA (not included).

Dimension: 81 cm * 67 cm.

Automatic Power Off System.



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