Madsbag Multi-Usage 5 Watt Room Air Purifier Square Shape (White)

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  • Effective sterilization
  • Odor-removal
  • Multi-Usage : Home, Clinics, Office, Hotels
  • A must for healthy environment
  • Room Freshener with Ozone Generator

Be at your healthy best with the Room Freshener Ozone Generator for effective sterilization and odor-removal from the air around you. Room Air Purifier acts as natural disinfectant and deodorizer, kills germs and parasites in the kitchen/office pantry for safe and healthy environment. Room freshener neutralizes smells of all kind, be it cooking, smoking, fishy or liquor & gives out soothing, refreshing odor for you to relax. Room Freshener with Ozone Generator ensures that you're at your healthy best, even when the air around you is at its worst. It works effectively in meeting room, washroom, toilet, pet room, kitchen, pantry, clinics, hospitals, hotels and dining area.

How To Use:

Plug in the device. Turn the central knob to the right. Blue lights indicate that the device is ON. Once started, the fan rotates with ozone output. Rotate the knob to control ozone output with adjustable range of 10-70mg/H. To stop, rotate the knob to left until you hear the click sound, which indicates device is now OFF.


Weight - 152 g.

Effective Area - 30 m2.

Power Consumption - 5 W. Built-in Lithium battery.

Size - 142 * 95 * 45 mm.

Ozone Output - 10-70 mg/H.

Input Voltage - AC 100-240 V, 50 | 60 Hz. CE| RoHS | ISO9001 Certified.



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