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Charm your senses with the Aroma Dispenser which vaporizes oil filled within to give out a nice, refreshing mist, the moment you switch it on. Give in to its heavenly senses, let the aroma soak in and relax your body to a well-deserved pleasure. Moreover, the aroma dispenser doesn't completely heat the oil, which ensures its therapeutic nature stays intact. Designed with the most innovative of the techniques, the aroma dispenser gives out mist that lasts long in the air. Use it at home, office or clinics and watch the magic unravel.

How To Use:

1. Connect the USB extension cable with PC, Powerbank or Adapter with output voltage of DC 5 V. 2. It has 2 modes of operation - Mode 1: Continuous Spray. Press the button for once and it starts to work. Auto switch off after 30 minutes. Mode 2: Intermittent Spray. Press the button twice after connecting USB. It gives out mist every 1 sec after a gap of 10 secs. Auto switch off after 6 hours. 3. You can also add in a few drops of essential oil in water, for it to give out nice soothing mist to relax your mind and body.

Note: Do NOT use impure water, which might damage the spray hole. For using it the first time, if there is no fog when cotton is filled with water, please put a drop of water on the atomization sheet and then clean it. If there is no fog in the course of using, please absorb the water on the surface by tissue. Please cut off electricity supply when the product is not in use. Please keep it clean & dry, if you won't be using it for a long time. Also, keep the cotton swab dry. Please do NOT clean the product head in the water, as there are many electronic components in it.


Oil Based Aroma Mist Dispenser.

USB Powered.

Input Voltage : DC 5 V. Direct

Power Source - 1 W.

Dimension : 6.4 * 4.8 * 8 cm.

Bottle Volume : 18 ml.

Can dispense mist every 1 sec after a gap of 10 secs.


Silent Operation : Ultrasonic Diffusion.

Two modes : Continuous spray & Intermittent spray.



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