Universal 3 in 1 Camera Lens Set For Mobile | External Clip On Lenses

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The External camera lens is the perfect answer to your phone's camera limitations. Clip on the lens to your mobile phone or tablet and just click to watch the magic unfold. Though your smartphone may sport a good 8/12 mp camera, but is it enough to take pictures far wide and long? Probably not and this is exactly what this external lens does. Plus the wide-angle lens makes possible turning a selfie into a groupfie. Close in the distance, make your phone camera work like a pro, makes camera limitation a thing of the past, wide angle fits in more " turn selfie into groupfie, shoot more even with less. Use the external camera lens for mobile phone, iPad, laptops, and tablets for special occasions where you need to fit in more people in a single frame " like birthdays, parties, outdoors, etc. The pack consists of fish-eye, macro, and wide angle lens. The macro lens takes clearer photos of small objects. Wide angle lens can shoot a larger range of scenery.

Fish eye lens lets you take 180 degrees of a wide scene.


Design: clip-on.
The kit consists of high-quality fish eye, wide angle macro lenses.
Angle - 0.67 x wide
Perfect for wide group photos
Ideal for crystal clear image of small objects
Works with both mobiles and tablets




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