Madsbag Dart Game Playmat Fun Activity Mat With Electronic Scoring For Kids Children

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  • Auto-Power Off to avoid wastage
  • Lightweight Design
  • Twisted version of traditional dart game
  • Great bonding activity for social gatherings

The Dart Playmat with colorful board is a great sporting activity for both kids and adults alike. Give the traditional dart play a twist with this playmat that comes with electronic scoring LCD Display and 6 darts for you to aim and test your skills. Challenge and be at your sporty best.The colorful Target Playmat works as a great bonding activity for social gatherings. Be it family functions or birthday parties, go challenge your friends and test your accuracy skills with this electronic scoring display playmat. Simply hang on the wall and get started. Hit, Score & Win!!

How To Play :

Install 3 AA batteries. Switch to ON position and you'll hear a tone. 3 digit LED shows the score, 2 digit LED shows the time you shot.

There are 2 modes to get started.

Mode 1 : Free Mode. Shoot the dart to the mat and it will play a corresponding sound and display the score. If you shoot 10 darts, it plays a congratulations sound.

Mode 2 : Competition Mode. 15 shots for each player, the highest one wins. If score is more than 100 in first 15 shots, you'll hear the congratulation sound.In next level, there are 15 shots for each player.

When total score reaches 200, the congratulation sound plays.

There are 6 levels & 90 times in total to play. When score reaches 600, all levels are completed. If score is less than 100 in 15 shots, it plays a failure sound to signal game over.

Choose Mode 1 or Mode 2 to restart. It turns OFF if there's no activity on the mat for a minute.


Touch Sensitive Playmat.

LCD Display.

Automatic Power Off System.

Box Contains: Target Electronic Playmat, 6 Darts & Instruction Leaflet.

Playmat Size: 80 * 80 cm. Safe & Reliable.

Battery 3 * 1.5 V AA (not included).

Age: 3 years+.

Electronic Scoring Display. Lightweight Design.



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