Madsbag Cotton Canvas Travel Drawstring Duffle Sling Bag

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  • 100% organic cotton canvas
  • Premium cotton shoulder strap
  • Velcro closure
  • Cotton rope drawstring

The 'I choose to be free' themed Duffle Bag is designed keeping in mind the aspirations of the spirited souls who live life on their own terms. Crafted with artistic touch, the Duffle bag has a stylish look to match today's modern trend. Thinking of camping or trekking? Travelling outdoors? Looking for a Gym Bag? The Duffle Bag is a perfect match for all your needs. So, the next time you carry luggage, do it in style!! Plus, when you buy this bag, you empower women who have been rescued from flesh trade and are now living a dignified life by making such beautiful bags. Buy, not just to buy, but to empower lives.


Bag Size - 17.7h x 15.7w x 10.2∅ (in), 45h x 40w x 26∅ (cm)

Strap Size - 2w x 37.4 loop (in) 5w x 95 loop (cm)

Fabric - 100% organic cotton canvas

Fastener - Cotton rope drawstring Circular base Premium cotton shoulder strap with metal adjuster (antique finish) Internal pouch with Velcro closure eyelets (antique finish) Drawstring slider (for rope) print wraps around bag



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