Madsbag Car Air Purifier & Ozone Generator | Breathing Gear for use in SUV's & MUV's | White

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The car purifier works well with all kinds of cars. Just like nature, this car air purifier produces Negative Ions & Ozone which help reduce air contaminants like odours, bacteria, dust & mould. This air purifier comes with a Built in fan for effective sterilization. It refreshes air and creates a comfortable environment for you to drive with a calm and composed mind. How To Use - Plus into the cigar lighter socket to work, with ozone releasing, blue LED Light is ON.


Input Voltage - Fit for all DC 12V cars.

Power Source - Cigar Lighter Socket.

Indicator: LED Light.

Anion Output - 5 million pcs|cm3.

Ozone Output - 20 mg/H.

Size - 19.5 mm(bottom), 96.5 mm(height), 42*42 mm(top).

Weight - 65 g. CE | RoHS | ISO9001 Certified.

Built-in Lithium battery.

Drives out the foul smell. Creates a soothing environment. Smell Neutralizer / Effective Sterilizer. Creates healthy environment with Ozone output. Long Shelf Life and Easy maintenance.



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