Madsbag Folding Portable Pocket Sized Camping Lantern

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  • Foldable
  • Acts as Mobile Charger - Crank Type
  • Multi- functionality
  • Easily fits into your kit
  • Ideal for trekking & hiking
  • Hiking Flash Light Lantern With Mobile Charger For Outdoor, Emergency, Night Use

The camping lantern with crank type charger is a great light source for outdoors, especially while you're camping or trekking with little or no natural light. It also doubles up as a Torch when in compact position. Equipped with a Hand Charging Crank, you need not worry about an external power source for emergency use to light up the lantern or charge your phone.A great companion for the trekkers who camp at night. It easily folds and fits into your trekking kit. The crank charging capability assures you stay connected, even if you're lost.


Folding Design. Acts as Torch as well. LED Light.

Fully Charged Time - 4 hours.

Weight - 168 g.

Product Size - 84.3 * 50 mm.

Built-In Battery - 300 mAh /3.7V

Capacitance Type Lithium battery. After 1 minute cranking - Works for 11 min (low level) 4 min (high level). After

Fully Charged - Works for 4.5 hours (low level) 40 min (high level).

Hand Crank. Short-circuit, Over-charging & Over-discharge Protection.



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