Madsbag Breo iDream3S Head Eye Massager Rechargeable | Relaxation Gear

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The Breo iDream3S Head and Eye Massager is a great relaxing device to calm and soothe head & eye nerves at the touch of a button. The head massager uses hot infrared compression massaging technology with intelligent air, vibration and pressure point massage to serve the head & ocular areas. The Breo massager comes with built-in relaxation music so that you don't get distracted and are at complete peace with yourself. Work Hard. Relax Harder. After a hard day's of work, enjoy the pleasures of a well-deserved sleep. All the massage settings are preset. All you need to do is touch the start button and relax while the eye and head massager works its magic.

Specifications :

Calms eye and head nerves at the touch of a button. Uses Hot infrared compression massaging technology. Intelligent air, vibration & pressure point massage. Built-in relaxation music.

Works on Lithium-ion battery.

With In-Built Soft Music System for Stress Relief | 

Kit includes - Massage Unit, Earphones, Power Charger & User Manual.



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