Madsbag Breo iSee4 Stress Buster Relaxation Eye Massager

  • Rs. 10,500.00

The Breo iSee4 Eye Massager makes use of hot infrared compression massaging technology with intelligent air, vibration & pressure point massage to serve ocular areas and calm your eye nerves. The Breo massager comes with in-built music system for you to relax better. There are 3 different massage modes for a better control, as you desire. Use the eye massager regularly, and you'll notice considerable reduction in dark circles and eye puffiness. Plus it helps ensure a good sound sleep, which you rightly deserve.

Specifications :

Calm your eye nerves at the touch of a button. Uses Hot infrared compression massaging technology. Intelligent air, vibration & pressure point massage.

In-built music system. 180 Degree Fold.

Product Dimension - (L) 208mm * (W) 76mm * (H) 106 mm. Weight - 320 gms.

Rechargeable Lithium battery.

Infrared Heat (Low: 35 C - 38 C) (High: 39 C- 42 C).

Kit includes - Unit, Power charger & User Manual & Travel Pouch ( Madsbag )



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