Madsbag Anti-Snore Wrist Band Snore Stopper Bio Feedback Impulse Sleeping Aid Device

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  • Auto-detects snoring noises
  • Sends bio-feedback impulse that prompts to change sleep position.
  • Working time - 4 days | Low Frequency Impulse Generated
  • Manufacturer's Note : This product is Not suitable for High Blood Pressure Patients

Don't make snore a chore. Get the Bio Feedback Snore Stopper, a perfect device for those looking to lower down the snore levels and ensure a sound, healthy sleep. How to use : Wear it as a watch before you sleep. The snore stopper auto-detects snoring noises and sends bio-feedback impulse that prompts you to change sleep position & helps you break free from snoring and thereby assuring a sound sleep. It's time you sleep in peace like a baby, again. Use it for yourself or gift it to your spouse. Either way you're gifting some well-deserved peace.


Auto-detection of snoring noises. Sends bio-feedback impulse that prompts to change sleep position and put snore to rest. Might take few days for body to familiarise. Effect depends on user's sleeping pattern and sensitivity. Impulse generated is weak enough to assure a good night's sleep.

Power Supply - 3V.

Working time - 4 days.

Output Intensity - 180 Ua.

Frequency - 0.2 Hz (fixed).

Weight - 30g.

Size - 44.5 x 15.8 x 60 mm.



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