Smart Walking Stick with Adjustable Height, FM Radio, Siren and Torch with Warranty

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The Adjustable Walking Stick with LED flash light lets you go for a walk in dark, plays FM RADIO for lonely times and hoots emergency SIREN on a press of a button. A walking stick that gives your loved ones that extra strength and confidence to go for a walk alone. Safety is now just a button away with SOS Siren feature included. Comes with a firm grip that does not let the hand slip. Easily adjustable and light weight.


Weight - 325 g.
Needs 3 hours to fully charge - 5 V USB or AC Powered. Plays 6 hours of Radio when fully charged.
Dimension - 15.4 x 3.8 x 73.7 cm (folded), 96.5 cm (unfolded).
Built-in rechargeable Lithium Battery. Adjustable Pole Height.
Lighting Direction adjustable by 45 degrees.
LED Torch on Handle with Adjustable Light Direction.
Siren for Emergency use
Adjustable Pole Height
Rechargeable LED Torch (Retractable), Emergency Siren & FM Radio
FM Radio 88-108 MHz (Normal).
LED Torch on Handle with adjustable
Light Direction.Siren for Emergency use.
Watch Demo Video Here:

How to Charge:

1.Connect the USB Charging cable neither to a Computer, PowerBank or DC 5V Adapter
2.Charge for 10 to 12 Hours before 1st use
3.Charge for about 4!Hours for subsequent use.

How to Use:

1 Slider Button Operations: Slide the Button forward/Backward for following functionality Position 1: Flashlight Position 2: Red Light Flashing Position 3: Turn Off Position 4: Emergency Siren 2. FM!Radio - Buttons are on the side of the Handle a. Press Centre Button is to Turn On/Off the radio b. Press Up Arrow(1st) Down Arrow(5th) to increase or decrease the Volume c. Press Forward (2nd) & Backward(4th)for (double!arrow) to scan Radio stations



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